Energy Management

The Leaders in Energy Management

At Rogers Industries Group, innovation does not stop at producing the product at competitive prices. We continually refine our internal processes to lower overheads and pass on savings.

After all, a more efficient result for us means a cheaper result for you. We are also focused on reducing our environmental footprint through our energy management. Investing in equipment and processes which reduce energy consumption is part of our focus to affect positive change in our sector.

Demand Management

Die casting and injection moulding machinery require significant electrical demand. We monitor our energy usage to inform production choices such as staggering start-ups on machinery and reviewing our job allocation. This allows us to reduce peak demand charges and find efficiencies in our electricity demand.

Motor, Pump & Fan Efficiency

We always investigate the purchase of new, more efficient motors before repairing existing older versions. Motors are maintained, cleaned and aligned. Connections and wiring are always checked and bearings are always in good condition. The output of motors, pumps and fans are matched with demand.

Compressed Air

Regular checks are made for compressed air leaks and any repairs are made promptly. Air pressure is kept to the amount required for the end-use application. Air receivers have been added to cope with occasional spikes in demand instead of running other compressors.


We have invested in natural lighting options in our building and converted all lighting to LED to reduce power draw and increase our efficiency.

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