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Our Service Aim

Rogers Industries is committed to providing excellent service to our customers. To achieve this we will continue to advance the technology in tool design and manufacture, in both aluminium die casting and plastic injection moulding.

It is essential that we maintain a competitive edge for the mutual benefit of our customers and ourselves, and to this end we will continue to provide high quality components at competitive prices.

At all times, our priority is to service the needs of our valued customers.

What We Do

Rogers Industries specialize in the manufacture of aluminium and plastic products and components.
We also employ cutting edge technologies in design and production such as CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Machining). By utilizing these technologies we can provide our customers with high quality design, manufacture & engineering solutions.

To cater to our customers needs we employ various methods & techniques of manufacture such as gravity die casting, low pressure die casting, CNC machining (centres & lathes), surface grinding, sand cores, plastic extrusions & plastic injection moulding.

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