• Rogers Industries. Established 1957

    Rogers Industries. Established 1957

    Rogers Industries specialises in the manufacture of aluminium and plastic products and components.We also employ cutting edge technologies in design and production such as CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (Computer Aided Machining). By utilizing these technologies we can provide our customers with high quality design, manufacture & engineering solutions.
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  • Aluminium Die Casting

    At Rogers Industries we produce an extensive range of aluminium castings. We specialise in two different methods of production to manufacture products to a very high standard and quality. The
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  • Plastic Injection Moulders

    Fifteen computer controlled plastic injection moulding machines ensure consistent quality throughout production. With machines ranging in size from 100 to 1,000 tonne, we can produce a component up to 5kg
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  • In-House Tool Making

    At Rogers Industries we offer a range of services to our clients from product modelling, tool design and manufacture, through to the stages of die trialling and product manufacturing. Using
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  • CNC Machining Milling

    Certain components require machining operations to be carried out. In these instances, we use both CNC lathes and machining centres, to consistently produce precision machined parts to a tight tolerance.
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